CHI Health St. Mary’s Physical Therapy Offers New Pain Treatment Techniques

Nebraska City ­– Marcia Friesen admits she was a little hesitant when her physical therapist recommended the use of needle therapy to ease the pain she was feeling in her hip and leg. Now that she has received the treatment five times over a two month period, her view has changed entirely.

Friesen, a Nebraska City resident, said that the treatment has alleviated much of the pain that results from the inflammation of her hip joint. “It is nothing like I thought it was going to be. Since I began the treatment, I don’t feel the pain or terrible aching in my leg anymore. I am so glad that I listened to their recommendations.”

CHI Health St. Mary’s Physical Therapy began implementing dry needling treatment in April 2015. St. Mary’s currently has two physical therapists, Dr. Brandon Wehenkel, PT and Dr. Brant Loose, PT, who are now performing the dry needling on patients.

Dry needling is a treatment for muscular tightness and spasm, also referred to as trigger points. Trigger points can develop from injuries, postural faults, or disease processes. The technique uses small thin needles that are inserted into the muscles at the trigger points. The contraction and release of the muscles allows for the improvement of muscle flexibility and promotes healing.

When asked about the effectiveness of dry needling, Dr. Loose commented, ““It is another tool that we offer that allows us to improve patient outcomes. Functional dry needling does not provide a direct solution to pain and injury as a patient must still complete a corrective exercise program. However, when coupled with exercise and manual therapy, dry needling often allows patients to progress more quickly and with less pain.”

Friesen anticipates the continuation of dry needle treatments until the healing process is complete. When discussing the services she has received at St. Mary’s Physical Therapy, she commented “I had heard wonderful things about Brant and Brandon and I am so glad that I chose St. Mary’s. They have both done the needling with me and they have helped me tremendously.”

The therapists at St. Mary’s bring a wide range of knowledge and expertise to Nebraska City and the surrounding communities. To find out more about physical and occupational therapy services provided at St. Mary’s, call 402.873.8918.